Q.  What is the International Masonic Poetry Society?

A.  The International Masonic Poetry Society (also known as IMPS) is a masonic society which specialises in supporting those who have an interest in poetry in general and masonic poetry in particular.

Q.  What are the benefits of joining the IMPS?

A.  The main benefit of joining IMPS is to be part of a group of like minded individuals and to receive the society’s journal ‘The Masonic Compass’ which contains hard to find and newly created prose on many aspects of Freemasonry. In future we hope to be able to offer members only services on-line such as back issues of ‘The Masonic Compass’, masonic research material, discussion forums, and email list, etc. However, even before our ‘cyberspace’ facilities become available it is well worth joining just to get your first years worth of The Masonic Compass.

Q.  What does it cost?

A.  The subscriptions for the year starting January 2014 are:

In the United Kingdom Annually £13 a year or £33 for three years

Overseas £16 equivalent or £43 for three years.

Q.  How do I join?

A.  Printout and complete the application form and send it to the Treasurer who will be glad to receive it and will contact you asap. PLEASE NOTE. At this time the form is not working so the only way to join is by printing and mailing the form.

Q.  Do IMPS hold meetings?

A.  IMPS do not hold normal Lodge meetings as we are spread over the four quarters of the globe but we do hold an AGM in the United Kingdom and welcome visitors to this event. We also hold occassional IMPS masonic poetry visits to lodges and some of our private brethren give presentations of masonic poetry to their own and lodges they visit.

Q.  How do I find out more?

A.  Simply email IMPS using the link on our email form. Please note that the email form is NOT WORKING at this time so please use the link on it to email IMPS using your own email program eg. Outlook Express.

Q. I am a poet – can you publish my work?

A. We are always pleased to consider masonic poetry for publication, especially from freemasons who have written their own material.

We will consider non-masonic poetry of a suitable nature for publication however, our primary aim is work that will further the tenets of Freemasonry.

Publication may be in The Masonic Compass, on our website, or by other appropriate means.

Please be assured that one of the primary precepts of IMPS is that Copyright remains with the author.

Q.  I have some masonic poems. Would you like them?

A.  Very definitely we would like copies of as many masonic poems as we can get and will gladly consider them for publication. For copyright purposes it would be nice to have as many details as possible eg. Author, date first published, etc.



Serving the needs of those Brethren who recognise the poetry of the ritual