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All (Brethren) from the North
From the South, West and East
Assembled for this Christmas feast
Our thanks for festive food and wine
We give Thee Architect divine.

Blessed are we who share this fare
But neither let us fail to spare
Our thoughts and offer up a prayer
For those who at this Christmas time
Are homeless, poor or in decline;
Spare them, O Great Architect
And on the compass of Thine arms protect.

Lord God, Great Architect


Submitted Bro. David Shimmings

Lord God, Great Architect of the Universe,
who has so inspired the ancient members of our Craft
that in the bond of brotherhood they met each others needs
and first of all men came together in the hidden mysteries handed down to us,
give us, we beseech Thee, grateful hearts,
that in joyful service we may bring relief to the unfortunate,
and in perfect loyalty both preserve our trust and leave behind us
an increased inheritance.