About Us

Aim of the Society

The principal Aim of the Society is to serve the needs of those Brethren who recognise the poetry of the ritual; those who take pleasure in writing of their own experiences in poetic form; those who wish to express their understanding or experience of Freemasonry in prose; those who appreciate such writing; and those who seek material in this form for use at the festive board or other appropriate occasions. Further, the Society seeks to demonstrate an awareness that an important function of the fraternity is to be happy and communicate happiness, and that this state can be served by verse and prose of both a serious and a humorous nature, as well as by encouraging a deeper understanding of our work.

More Information

For more information about The International Masonic Poetry Society (IMPS) please checkout our Frequently Asked Questions pages or contact one of the Committee who will be very pleased to welcome you and give you more information.

The Masonic Compass

IMPS publishes its Journal and Newsletter “The Masonic Compass” several times a year and posts it to the members as part of their subscription. See Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Founder Members

We give greatful thanks to the following fourteen founder members of The International Masonic Poetry Society (IMPS):

Bill Shorto (Mid Wales)

Alan Rundle (Bristol)

Ken Rider (Stafford)

Gerry Bartlett (Witham)

Alfred Southwell (Stafford)

Harry Redfern (Tamworth)

John Churley (Braintree)

Fred York (Plymouth)

John Park-Davies (Willenhall)

Freddie Buck (Worcester)

Terry Paget (Wolverhampton)

Gerry Miles (Thetford)

Bill Jefferson (Darlington)

George Usher (Hexham)

Serving the needs of those Brethren who recognise the poetry of the ritual