Dear Friend, Brother, and Visitor,

Welcome to the website of the International Masonic Poetry Society (IMPS). We hope you enjoy your visit and find much of use to you in your Masonic endeavours.

Our thanks are due to all those masonic poets who have through the ages provided us with much wisdom, strength, and beauty.

Aim of the Society

The principal Aim of the Society is to serve the needs of those Brethren who recognise the poetry of the ritual; those who take pleasure in writing of their own experiences in poetic form; those who wish to express their understanding or experience of Freemasonry in prose; those who appreciate such writing; and those who seek material in this form for use at the festive board or other appropriate occasions. Further, the Society seeks to demonstrate an awareness that an important function of the fraternity is to be happy and communicate happiness, and that this state can be served by verse and prose of both a serious and a humorous nature, as well as by encouraging a deeper understanding of our work.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about the International Masonic Poetry Society (IMPS) then please visit our FAQs pages.